Closed for the Holidays

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where did December go? I am the worst person in the world for making good use of my time. I think it's probably because I have to be so organized at work that all my efficiency skills are used up there. I am sort of lazy by nature, so it is odd that I fret so over wasted time, but I do. Crook's has closed down for ten days to put in a new kitchen floor. Gray epoxy replaces red tiles. Hopefully easier to clean and kinder to the legs. One would have thought that I might at least clean my office during this time. Dream on. I am presently in New Bern for the holidays. This year my mother has chosen to use a grove of smaller Christmas trees in the big room rather than the one large one. This Fellini movie of a house still gives me pause after all these years. (Check out the photo in the December 31st '07 entry to compare tree styles).

The same rituals unfold year after year. A cocktail party at one aunt's on Tuesday. A quick run to see another the next morning. We take turns cooking supper. Deborah makes a huge pot of vegetable beef soup on Tuesday night. I roast a filet Wednesday. One niece's family chooses to open presents on Christmas Eve morning. Constant phone conversations with my brother in L.A. To my sister Suzi's for jambalaya on Christmas Eve night. To my Aunt Margaret's for a Christmas morning brunch. Once more my mother's downstairs becomes a restaurant on Christmas night.

My neighborhood fish market, Tryon Palace Seafood, has opened a little restaurant. Great news. I've always stopped by there for fried take out oysters. Now I can sit down with shrimp burgers, soft shelled crab sandwiches and crab bisque. They also have quail. More about this later. Since I forgot to take my camera to the fish market, here's a picture of the candy house that always appears in my mother's kitchen at this time of year. I'm a fool for gumdrops.

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